Mr. Uthaykumaran Kanapathipillai

I am pleased that i have obtained super visa through Can Lanka Immigration Service. This has helped me to visit my daughter’s family including grandchildren. I am extremely satisfied with the service i have received. The service provided by Can Lanka was extremely professional, punctual and organised and thorough.
I received clear information and step by step instruction when i was dealing with them regarding this application. All the hard work they put in and all the correspondence to get us to the end result. Canlanaka correspondence over exceeded any expectations, not only with their fast replies but their personal touch and vast knowledge of the process. There’s not enough words to explain how grateful I am for the work they did for me. At times the process was extremely stressful and worrying for me.
I greatly appreciate the professional services received from Mr. Chandralal Attanapola, Senior Immigration Consultant and Mr. Pirapaharan Ketheeswaranathan CEO of the company. I do not have any hesitation in recommending Can Lanka as the best immigration consultants in Sri Lanka. They are servicing clients through their offices in Jaffna, Sri Lanka and Canada. I wish them success in all their future endeavors.

Thank You!