Mrs. K.Gowry (Super Visa)

I just wanted to say that both Mr.Chandralal (RCIC) and Mr.Pirapa (CEO) are very pleased with the legal service provided by Can Lanka Immigration Service Inc. I found everyone there to be helpful with our needs and concerns. I could not have gone through this without their help in preparing my parents and grandparent – super visa application.

Though it seemed that things were going to have a setback it worked out better in the end. The service and advice provided were nothing more than professional and highly recommended loyalty. Having them involved kept a big part of the weight off our shoulders and now that it’s complete an even bigger one has been lifted. Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication to my TRV 5 years multiple entries to Canada.

I highly recommend your firm to anyone who requires and wishes for the loyalty service i got.

Your’s faithful