Mrs. Kamaladevy Pushparajalingam

I am very happy to share the message from my bottom of heart wishes to Can Lanka Immigration Services on behalf of my mother Temporary Residence Visa (TRV) under the Parent and Grandparent Super Visa Program succeed within a few months. I search relevant professional people in Brampton area in the meantime my family friend referred to CAN LANKA.

Can Lanka was organized and submitted all the necessary application forms and supporting documents through online to IRCC. My mother application had been accepted and received 10 years multiple entry visa.

All legal works are done by Mr. Chandralal Attanapola (RCIC), Mr. Pirapaharan Ketheeswaranathan (CEO) and they informed all updates on behalf of her application progress timely manner. They provided service to book an appointment with the relevant hospital for a medical test and arranged to translate facilities during the medical examination. I am very happy that my mother is able to come to Canada and reunited with our family.

Thank you for your valuable successful service for my mother visa subject. I strongly recommended whoever wants to their services; No matter what, you will reach them easily and a convenient time to speak with them for yours loved once visa success.