Mrs. Parameswary Ganesaratnam

When i worked with Mr.Chandralal Attanapola (RCIC) and Mr.Pirapaharan Ketheswaranathan (CEO) was grateful. Mr.Pirapa always friendly and prompt anytime when we called. My mother received her Super Visa in a timely manner that matched that timeline when they gave us at our initial consultation. I would recommend the services my mom and I received to anyone trying to get themselves or a loved one into coming our beautiful country of Canada without their expert skills and knowledge. My mother has made it through their legal advice and process to become a temporary Canadian resident for up to 10 years multiple entry Visa. He and his senior consultant informed and guided throughout the entire procedure. I was able to get my confirmation document in a very timely manner.

Thank you so much to Mr. Pirapaharan and Mr.Chandralal for the speedy service for my mother visa process. I will definitely recommend Can Lanka Immigration Services to anyone looking for an immigration service to Canada.


(Son of Applicant)

Toronto, Canada