Mrs. Thangamany Rasiah

On behalf of my mother, I would like to thanks to you for all the work, help and support given by Canlanka immigration Service. My special thanks to Chandralal Attanapola (RCIC) and Pirapaharan Ketheeswaranathan (CEO) for the wonderful job on my mother’s Super visa application and obtained 09 years multiples entry visa to Canada.  As a customer, I am delighted with the support and professionalism.

I wrote this testimonial to express my sincere gratitude for the contribution made on behalf of my mother’s application. I really appreciate the endless hours of services that Canlanka team dedicated to having all paper works completed on time to lodge my mother’s super visa application through an online application.  Also, I was personally impressed with the way Mr. Pirapaharan kept me and my family motivated and positive, even if in the face of several obstacles.

All the time, I consulted with Mr. Chandrala Attanapola (RCIC), he is incredibly honest, sincere, reliable and very cooperative person. No matter what query I would have, he would always reply back promptly with clear instructions.

I wish to highly recommend your services to anyone who requires assistance in their visa application. Once again thank you very much for everything you’ve done for my mother’s application. Thanks for providing me with excellent professional services.

Yours truly,

Rajanikanth (Applicant’s Host)