Ms.Araneya Sidath Kumar


I, Miss Araneya Kumar would like to share my views on Can Lanka team based in Brampton, Ontario regarding my study permit to Canada.

I am pleased that Can Lanka team worked professionally to receive my study permit in less than a month. I really appreciate and admire their superb work ethics and professionalism in successfully accomplishing the task.

I would like to thank Mr.Chandralal Attanpola (RCIC) of Lancan Immigration Consultants for his support and cooperation extended in immigration services. I am also very grateful to Mr. Pirapaharan Ketheeswaranathan, CEO of Can Lanka team for his friendly communication with me from the beginning to the end in pursuing the study permit to Seneca College.

I am proud to say, based on my experience that they are a diligent, honest and hardworking officers.

Thank you and best wishes to you all.

With regards,

Araneya Kumar – USA