Mrs. Pabithakumary – Spousal Sponsorship-inside Canada

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Can Lanka Immigration Service Inc. on behalf of all our family! My husband submitted a Spousal sponsorship inside Canada application for me.

CLIS agreed to take our case and during our initial meeting with  Mr. Chandralal (RCIC) and Mr.Pirapa (CEO). They advised us a lot. All of the documents they requested were necessary and absolutely essential for building a strong submission for us, which CLIS did in fact do.

We had a chance to review the completed work and the final report they sent to the IRCC and we are truly amazed by their professionalism and integrity in handling our case. I was quite sure that there is no way the immigration officers could dispute that, as the submission CLIS built was very fact and evidence based.

I was right, within 02 years; we received a Permanent Residence inside Canada. The work that Mr. Chandrala and Mr. Pirapa have done is truly remarkable! Canlanka Immigration Service Inc. – Thank you very much!

Mrs. Pabithakumary Sivathas